María Jesús Montero, the Andalusian striker before the regional financing



Susana Díaz y María Jesús Montero

Embrace in the Andalusian Parliament between Susana Díaz, president of the Board, and María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance and Public Administration. EFE

María Jesús Montero Cuadrado, the most veteran of the Andalusian Government, which was incorporated in 2004 by the hand of Manuel Chaves , has been the ram of his Executive in his vindication in recent years to the Government of Mariano Rajoy of a new model of regional financing.

Montero, who currently manages the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of the Executive of Susana Díaz, has been elected by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, as the head of state finances, position in which he will replace another Andalusian, Cristóbal Montoro , with whom he has had numerous political disagreements.

Responsible for the Andalusian accounts and principal architect of the last five budgets of the community, she has been one of the most combative counselors with the policies of the Government of Mariano Rajoy and there have been numerous confrontations with her predecessor in office, especially for what the regional executive has considered as an “unfair” model of regional financing.

He claims to have been able to take forward the most complicated prescriptions, those of the crisis years, and that Andalusia is one of the few regions of the country that meets the deficit target and the spending rule, which had recently led the Andalusian Executive to request Montoro to return to the markets and the progressive disengagement of the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA).

In his last appearance in the Andalusian Parliament, on May 30, Montero reported that his department had already sent the allegations to the report of the Permanent Technical Committee of Evaluation of the financing system, which insists on the proposals of the approved document by the Andalusian Parliament on the reform .

From now on, as head of the Treasury of Spain, will have to know how to combine the criteria of all autonomous communities in terms of regional funding to achieve a new model in which all ask to be better funded .

It sounded like a substitute for Díaz

One of the main frictions at the head of his department in the current legislature has occurred with the “partner” of investiture of the PSOE in the Andalusian Government -Ciudadanos-, a party with which he maintained a tough negotiation due to the demand of the orange formation of the elimination of the inheritance and donation tax in Andalusia .

The dispute was settled with an agreement in which said tax was maintained, although the exempt limit was limited to one million euros per heir , which in the opinion of these two parties eliminated this rate in practice.

The new finance minister of the Government of Sanchez sounded at the time as a possible replacement for Susana Diaz at the head of the Andalusian Executive when she aspired to lead the PSOE in the primaries that played Sanchez on March 21, 2017 and finally lost, for what Diaz had to stay in front of the Board.

However, and despite the loyalty that has shown in these years to the head of the Executive, Montero is not part of the hardest core of the ‘susanismo’ or is the people closest to the president.

Montero (Sevilla, 1966) has a degree in Medicine and Surgery , a master’s degree in Hospital Management from the EADA Business School and an Andalusian parliamentarian since 2008. She is a mother of two daughters, with a wide specialization in healthcare management and hospital management, areas in which who has developed most of his professional career. Not in vain, in his Twitter profile says that “Health will always be my home.”

Prior to being named Minister of Health in 2004, Montero held the vice-counseling of this same portfolio, and previously was medical assistant director of the University Hospital Virgen de Valme in Seville . In 1998 she joined the Virgen del Rocío health complex in the same city, first as medical assistant director and later as assistant managing director. It was also an Administrative Function technique in the Hospitals of Valme and Virgen del Rocío, as well as responsible for the User’s Office in El Tomillar Hospital.

Apart from her career in the health field, María Jesús Montero was president of the Commission of Marginalization of the Andalusian Youth Council between 1986 and 1988, and later its general secretary until 1990. Since 2008 she is parliamentarian for Seville in the Autonomous Chamber .

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