The regional financing, the 'bulls to the Balearic Islands' and the Economic and Social Council, this Tuesday in the Parlament



Presentación ley de toros

Presentation bull law EUROPA PRESS

In addition, Armengol must respond to the Parliament to the spokesman of the Popular Group, Margalida Prohens, on whether he believes that the so-called ‘bulls a la Balearic’ is a “serious” proposal.

In this regard, representatives of PSIB, Podemos, MES per Mallorca and MES per Menorca last week presented their proposed law regulating bullfighting that will prohibit these events to “hurt or kill the bulls”, among others proposals. The PP showed its “total rejection” of the proposed legislation and described it as “grotesque, populist and useless”.

For its part, the Government spokesman, Pilar Costa, said he hoped that this initiative was made “in compliance with the law” and explained that “after the Constitutional Court ruling” (TC) against the Catalan law that prohibited bullfighting, parliamentary groups stopped their first initiative that went in a similar way and that is why this has now been presented.


The last question that Armengol will answer will be made by the spokesperson of the PI, Jaume Font, who will want to know if “the president believes that the Government will ever make the date to reconstitute the Economic and Social Council”, a statutory body suspended in 2012 and recovered a year ago, in which economic and social agents like unions, employers and confederations of companies, associations and representatives from different sectors, as well as a group of experts, participate.

After having delayed its date of incorporation on several occasions, Costa announced on Friday that it will be definitively erected on June 26, after approving the Government Council the appointment of the members of this participation body.


On the other hand, in the second part of the plenary session the elected deputies will be informed to defend in the Congress of Deputies the proposal of law of modification of the Special Regime of the Balearic Islands (REB). In addition, a motion presented by the Mixed Group regarding the housing policy and another one of Podemos on the motorways of Ibiza will take place.

A non-law proposal (NLP) of the Popular Group regarding improvements in the property transfer tax will also be discussed, as well as an interpellation presented by El PI on the public transport model.

The round of consellers will begin with the intervention of the Councilor of the Presidency who will have to explain what it seems that the Government “refuses to supply in a reusable format the information requested by the deputies” according to the Transparency Law, access to the public information and good government.

The consellers must also clarify if they control the working conditions of the personnel of concessionaires of the public transport service by road, why “cuts” have been made in the recruitment of nursing personnel in the emergency services in hospitals or what actions are planned The Govern implant in the psychiatric to “improve the life of the patient”.

Regarding the psychiatric hospital, it should be remembered that the workers of the social club of the Psychiatric Hospital locked themselves in early May in the facilities “to defend the rights of patients” and protest the cuts. In this regard, the president of the Government, Francina Armengol, denied in the Parliament that there had been cuts in it.

In terms of tourism and the environment, it will be asked if the Government values ​​positively that there may be a regulation that allows the modernization and expansion of tourist establishments, while the Minister of the Environment will have to argue if he believes that the Executive is looking after conservation from the natural sites of the Torrent de Pareis, Sa Calobra or Cala Varques.

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