Minicredit instantly with Instantor – Eliminate paperwork

If you need to get money in a matter of minutes, with the mini credits you can instantly receive up to 1,200 euros online. Compare among the best offers the market offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The main characteristics of mini-credits

A mini-credit instantly with Instantor is a quick and easy way to obtain financing. If we need liquidity urgently and do not want to waste time going to the bank or filling out long applications, the mini credits instantly online can be our solution.

Mini-credits are financing products that allow us to obtain quick money to solve small incidentals that may arise. In a schematic way, we can differentiate them with the following characteristics:

Capital: with these products we can access a capital between 50 and 750 euros if it is the first time we hire them, although according to the entity we can only access up to 500 euros if it is the first time we request it with them, or up to 1,200 euros if we are already clients of a lender.

Term: the repayment term of these products, as their quantity is reduced, is short. The maximum time in which we will have to return our mini-credit instantly will be 30 days maximum.

Cost: the average interest on mini loans is around 1.1% per day, so if you lend us 100 euros to pay back in 30 days, we will have to pay approximately 33 euros in interest.

These minicréditos are instantly reimbursed in a single payment that includes the money requested plus the interest generated. In addition, it should be noted that another of its main features is that they allow us to obtain financing in just 15 minutes from the beginning of the application thanks to the application of new technologies. One of these technologies is explained below.

What is Instantor and how does it work?

Instantor is a company that manages the identification, access, and status of our accounts. Through the technology of this company, the entire economic history of the applicant can be analyzed in a matter of minutes. Thanks to this technology in the form of application, therefore, the process of applying for a credit can be of mere minutes.

The user’s data is automatically analyzed without the need to send documentation, thus providing an agile and fast analysis. The data that these technology extracts are treated with absolute confidentiality, only the loan company will see them and then they will be deleted.

If we are facing an online credit company that ensures that they send money quickly, therefore, it means that they use Instantor technology or another that collects databases with similar volumes. However, as we said, we must bear in mind that, in spite of its great speed, the same characteristics are analyzed as in the analyzes carried out by traditional banks.

When to apply for a quick mini loan?

When we need an extra sudden liquidity. Instant mini loans are financial products created to solve liquidity problems that have arisen unexpectedly. If our economic problems are recurrent, mini-credits will not be the best way to finance us. If we have to face an unforeseen payment, on the other hand, we will be able to weigh your hiring. Some examples of cases in which requesting a mini-credit instantly are:

Pay a fine. When we have to face the payment of a fine, normally, the term in which we pay it will vary the amount of said fine. The early payment, many times, means paying half. That is to say if we want to pay it at the moment so as not to have to pay more, but we do not have the exact money, we can consider asking for a mini loan.

A breakdown If, suddenly, we are surprised by an appliance or the car with a breakdown and we need to repair it at once, a mini-loan can instantly help us with the extra liquidity that fixing it will mean. To avoid having to wait for the next month when we charge and be able to fix it already, we can request financing.

A punctual month that entails more spending. Not all months of the year are the same. Some contain parties and relevant dates that cause the expense to increase. If in one of these months we miscalculate the budget or simply need an extra to be able to face it, requesting a mini credit online can give us that hand we need.

As we can see, a quick mini loan can be the alternative that helps us with any unforeseen event that has left us without liquidity. Of course, we must remember that if the failures of economic management are recurrent, we will have to look for other financing alternatives.

What is the cause of the rapidity of the mini-loans?

Do not be fooled by the speed of a mini online loan, the cause is technology. Through computer algorithms, millions of databases can be analyzed in a matter of minutes. The Big Data, that is to say, all the data, is analyzed by companies like Instantor that are dedicated to establishing a verdict on our economic capacity in a few minutes (or rather, on our ability to repay the loan).

This technology makes it possible for the application of a mini credit to be practical without paperwork, totally online and very fast thanks to the data it collects automatically. Its function, therefore, is to analyze the economic histories of the users. This process is called Scoring because, after analyzing all the economic data of the potential clients, it gives them a score, a score. Therefore, if online mini-credits are practically immediate, it is because such technology can estimate our solvency in a matter of minutes. If we also want to expand our knowledge on how to get fast money online, we can download for free the guide that we attach below.

In the same way, we must bear in mind that thanks to technology, mini online loans do not require paperwork either- open website. As we said, companies like Instantor, owning large databases themselves, do not need us to send them the documentation. In this way, mini-credits instantly without paperwork become a form of rapid financing on request and transfer.

The online credit companies, therefore, do not have less reliable processes than those of traditional banking. As we have seen, both the speed and the fact that it does not require a lot of paperwork is due to the advancement of technology and the companies that are dedicated to analyzing the economic histories of the applicants.

The security of mini-credits, on what basis?

The security, therefore, is not at odds with the speed or with the amount of paperwork they ask for. If we want to detect a secure mini-credit we must look at other factors. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when we are going to hire a mini loan with Instantor and we want it to be safe.

Do not ask for money in advance. You should never pay any advance management to a legitimate credit company. If any of them has additional commissions (which, as a rule, does not usually occur) they will charge us after granting us the money, never before.

Check the security of our online data. The fast credit companies know that they ask for personal and economic data at the time they request their services. That is why it is totally logical and accurate to think that they have several security protocols. One of the easiest to check is that the address of the web page starts with “https” and has a green padlock. These two details make the difference between a reliable website and one that is not.

The promise to get us out of ASNEF. Finally, if we do not want to make a mistake we must bear in mind that we should not trust any promise about getting us out of ASNEF. No fast credit institution can take us out of ASNEF, nor by paying “additional services”. Only the entity that entered us in the registry will be able to eliminate us.

Can I request a quick mini loan without a payroll?

Yes, as long as we have a certain source of income. If we obtain a payment of some kind we can request mini loans instantly without a payroll if said income is:

Justifiable. The income we receive must come from a legal source. That is to say, that the retribution that we are receiving must be able to be justified legally by means of some official document.

Newspapers We must receive the income on a monthly basis and with continuity over time. If we receive punctual payments, it will not be counted as valid to be able to request a mini credit instantly.

Enough The amount of the income that we are receiving must be greater than the capital that we have requested. The amount we ask for, therefore, should not create us problems of indebtedness when making the reimbursement.

If our income meets these three premises, we will not need a payroll to apply for our mini credit instantly. If we are self-employed, pensioners or we receive the unemployment benefit, for example, we can access this type of financing without having to have a payroll.

María Jesús Montero, the Andalusian striker before the regional financing



Susana Díaz y María Jesús Montero

Embrace in the Andalusian Parliament between Susana Díaz, president of the Board, and María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance and Public Administration. EFE

María Jesús Montero Cuadrado, the most veteran of the Andalusian Government, which was incorporated in 2004 by the hand of Manuel Chaves , has been the ram of his Executive in his vindication in recent years to the Government of Mariano Rajoy of a new model of regional financing.

Montero, who currently manages the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of the Executive of Susana Díaz, has been elected by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, as the head of state finances, position in which he will replace another Andalusian, Cristóbal Montoro , with whom he has had numerous political disagreements.

Responsible for the Andalusian accounts and principal architect of the last five budgets of the community, she has been one of the most combative counselors with the policies of the Government of Mariano Rajoy and there have been numerous confrontations with her predecessor in office, especially for what the regional executive has considered as an “unfair” model of regional financing.

He claims to have been able to take forward the most complicated prescriptions, those of the crisis years, and that Andalusia is one of the few regions of the country that meets the deficit target and the spending rule, which had recently led the Andalusian Executive to request Montoro to return to the markets and the progressive disengagement of the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA).

In his last appearance in the Andalusian Parliament, on May 30, Montero reported that his department had already sent the allegations to the report of the Permanent Technical Committee of Evaluation of the financing system, which insists on the proposals of the approved document by the Andalusian Parliament on the reform .

From now on, as head of the Treasury of Spain, will have to know how to combine the criteria of all autonomous communities in terms of regional funding to achieve a new model in which all ask to be better funded .

It sounded like a substitute for Díaz

One of the main frictions at the head of his department in the current legislature has occurred with the “partner” of investiture of the PSOE in the Andalusian Government -Ciudadanos-, a party with which he maintained a tough negotiation due to the demand of the orange formation of the elimination of the inheritance and donation tax in Andalusia .

The dispute was settled with an agreement in which said tax was maintained, although the exempt limit was limited to one million euros per heir , which in the opinion of these two parties eliminated this rate in practice.

The new finance minister of the Government of Sanchez sounded at the time as a possible replacement for Susana Diaz at the head of the Andalusian Executive when she aspired to lead the PSOE in the primaries that played Sanchez on March 21, 2017 and finally lost, for what Diaz had to stay in front of the Board.

However, and despite the loyalty that has shown in these years to the head of the Executive, Montero is not part of the hardest core of the ‘susanismo’ or is the people closest to the president.

Montero (Sevilla, 1966) has a degree in Medicine and Surgery , a master’s degree in Hospital Management from the EADA Business School and an Andalusian parliamentarian since 2008. She is a mother of two daughters, with a wide specialization in healthcare management and hospital management, areas in which who has developed most of his professional career. Not in vain, in his Twitter profile says that “Health will always be my home.”

Prior to being named Minister of Health in 2004, Montero held the vice-counseling of this same portfolio, and previously was medical assistant director of the University Hospital Virgen de Valme in Seville . In 1998 she joined the Virgen del Rocío health complex in the same city, first as medical assistant director and later as assistant managing director. It was also an Administrative Function technique in the Hospitals of Valme and Virgen del Rocío, as well as responsible for the User’s Office in El Tomillar Hospital.

Apart from her career in the health field, María Jesús Montero was president of the Commission of Marginalization of the Andalusian Youth Council between 1986 and 1988, and later its general secretary until 1990. Since 2008 she is parliamentarian for Seville in the Autonomous Chamber .

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The regional financing, the 'bulls to the Balearic Islands' and the Economic and Social Council, this Tuesday in the Parlament



Presentación ley de toros

Presentation bull law EUROPA PRESS

In addition, Armengol must respond to the Parliament to the spokesman of the Popular Group, Margalida Prohens, on whether he believes that the so-called ‘bulls a la Balearic’ is a “serious” proposal.

In this regard, representatives of PSIB, Podemos, MES per Mallorca and MES per Menorca last week presented their proposed law regulating bullfighting that will prohibit these events to “hurt or kill the bulls”, among others proposals. The PP showed its “total rejection” of the proposed legislation and described it as “grotesque, populist and useless”.

For its part, the Government spokesman, Pilar Costa, said he hoped that this initiative was made “in compliance with the law” and explained that “after the Constitutional Court ruling” (TC) against the Catalan law that prohibited bullfighting, parliamentary groups stopped their first initiative that went in a similar way and that is why this has now been presented.


The last question that Armengol will answer will be made by the spokesperson of the PI, Jaume Font, who will want to know if “the president believes that the Government will ever make the date to reconstitute the Economic and Social Council”, a statutory body suspended in 2012 and recovered a year ago, in which economic and social agents like unions, employers and confederations of companies, associations and representatives from different sectors, as well as a group of experts, participate.

After having delayed its date of incorporation on several occasions, Costa announced on Friday that it will be definitively erected on June 26, after approving the Government Council the appointment of the members of this participation body.


On the other hand, in the second part of the plenary session the elected deputies will be informed to defend in the Congress of Deputies the proposal of law of modification of the Special Regime of the Balearic Islands (REB). In addition, a motion presented by the Mixed Group regarding the housing policy and another one of Podemos on the motorways of Ibiza will take place.

A non-law proposal (NLP) of the Popular Group regarding improvements in the property transfer tax will also be discussed, as well as an interpellation presented by El PI on the public transport model.

The round of consellers will begin with the intervention of the Councilor of the Presidency who will have to explain what it seems that the Government “refuses to supply in a reusable format the information requested by the deputies” according to the Transparency Law, access to the public information and good government.

The consellers must also clarify if they control the working conditions of the personnel of concessionaires of the public transport service by road, why “cuts” have been made in the recruitment of nursing personnel in the emergency services in hospitals or what actions are planned The Govern implant in the psychiatric to “improve the life of the patient”.

Regarding the psychiatric hospital, it should be remembered that the workers of the social club of the Psychiatric Hospital locked themselves in early May in the facilities “to defend the rights of patients” and protest the cuts. In this regard, the president of the Government, Francina Armengol, denied in the Parliament that there had been cuts in it.

In terms of tourism and the environment, it will be asked if the Government values ​​positively that there may be a regulation that allows the modernization and expansion of tourist establishments, while the Minister of the Environment will have to argue if he believes that the Executive is looking after conservation from the natural sites of the Torrent de Pareis, Sa Calobra or Cala Varques.

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Renting a home in Spain is again profitable




91% of the owners who put their house for rent since 2015 got it. The average term was four months. LUIS F. SANZ

The Spanish economy continues with many shadows and does not finish accelerating in the recovery . Some data reflect this, such as the increase in the debt and the deficit, or the large number of unemployed.

Brussels has shown its concern, the IMF also, and not least is the Bank of Spain, which has just worsened its economic forecasts for this year.

The fall in house prices has slowed down in a general way But within these foci of darkness, there is room for some light. One of the areas of economic activity that is reflecting clarity in its figures is that of housing , which was precisely the most punished in the crisis , mainly because of the irrational rise in prices and the massive concession of mortgages, some of them of subprime denomination -given to people with doubtful solvency-.


The reality is that the fall in home prices has slowed down in a general way, and in fact has started to rise in some areas . Housing for rent is once again an investment asset with profitability. And not only that.

According to the latest data from the Bank of Spain on alternative investments, they place it as the best option . According to the agency, in 2015 the profitability of the house itself (sum of the rent plus the variation in price) reached 8.85%, marking the historical maximum in the series recorded. Gross rental income stood at 4.6%.

There are real estate portals such as idealista.com and fotocasa.com that set this percentage above 5% based on the records of the millions of individuals that advertise their homes.

The difference is substantial compared to the more classic investments such as 10-year government bonds or deposits between 1 and 2 years, which last year offered an average gain of 1.8% and 0.5%, respectively.

In parallel, the stock market had the worst result since 2013 with a drop in the Ibex slightly above 7%.

The best provinces to own

And which are the provinces that are giving greater surplus value to the owners of the properties that rent them? According to idealista.com, Lleida stood out with 7.9% in 2015.

Lleida is the province in which it is more profitable compared to Orense, which is where fewer benefits were provided. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (6.4%) was located behind; Palma de Mallorca (6.2%); Alicante (6%) and Huelva (5.9%). In Barcelona it was 5.4%, compared to 5.3% in Madrid.

Lower benefits provided houses in Ourense (3.4%); San Sebastián (3.6%); A Coruña (3.6%) and Lugo (3.8%). In any case, nothing despicable considering that they exceeded in 2015 the most conservative assets .

Not only the rental housing was attractive for the investor. According to idealista.com the commercial premises continue being the most profitable , since they registered a gross profit of 7.3%, against 6.9% of the previous year.

Meanwhile, the garages increased the surplus value to 4.4%, and the offices placed it at 6.6%. This trend has been prolonged in the first months of 2016. According to a study carried out by idealista.com and published at the beginning of April, the price of rental housing increased by 4.3% in the first quarter.

Fernando Encinar, head of studies of the portal states that “with the data of the report in hand it is clear that there is a huge demand for rental housing , and that the offer is rising strongly.”

“We have found that in certain markets, mainly large capitals, the pressure of demand is so strong that the ads last hours in our database, ” he adds. The records of the Association for the Promotion of Rent and Access to Housing (Arrenta) run in the same terms.

But there is an added problem that is influencing the market considerably. Arrenta has begun to detect in recent weeks that the demand for rent is outstripping the offer, which is “stagnating” due to political uncertainty and the measures of some municipalities such as Barcelona, ​​which has urged the Government and the Generalitat to limit the maximum rental price of private homes in Barcelona, ​​so it is “urgent” that the new Executive stimulate the exit of empty houses for this purpose.

There is a huge demand for rental housing and the supply is rising strongly The sixth edition of the survey Experience of housing rental of Spaniards in 2015 by Fotocasa, also shows the dynamism of this market, since 91% of the Owners who put their apartment for rent got it, and in an average time of only four months.

“Six out of every 10 owners who achieved it did not lower the initial price of supply , it is one more indicator that this market is stabilizing as a result of the growing demand and the change of mentality of the Spanish in favor of rent,” explains Beatriz Toribio, responsible for studies.

In 2015 prices rebounded 3.6% in the case of rental housing, which was the first positive figure since 2007. Until last year, depreciation was around 30% on average in our country.

For those who are interested in acquiring a home as an investment, they will also find themselves with a substantial improvement in the situation , with exceptional conditions for mortgages.

Banks have turned the tap on financing, although it is true that the requirements for the claimant are much more demanding. But the cost to acquire a property is at this moment in historical lows , with a Euribor to 12 months, the most used for the calculation of mortgages in Spain, in negative.

In parallel, the interest that is applied along with the Euribor has fallen to unknown levels, below 4% and 5% a few years ago. Even fixed-rate mortgages are reducing their interest as a consequence of a monetary policy in Europe that has left the cost of money at 0%.

Option for all

In contrast to the more traditional way of obtaining financing, new formulas such as crowdfunding have emerged. This activity, which was regulated by law last year, allows people to invest in projects, initiatives or tangible assets in exchange for the achievement of capital gains.

In this way the two parties win, who invests and who receives the money to execute their project. Housers is one of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms available in Spain.

It has registered almost 8,000 users and has made an investment of more than 3.6 million euros with only four months of activity. The entity allows to make deposits from 100 euros, and in return it gives benefits for the rent and the sale of the real estate.

According to calculations of the platform, they are offering a rental return of around 7.5%, and about 35% in five years with respect to the revaluation of the property.

According to CBRE’s Global Inverstors Intentions report, which includes Housers on its website, Spain ranks as the third most attractive country to invest in real estate assets for 2016, behind Germany and the United Kingdom.

37% of the respondents to the study said that the main reason for doing so is in the profitability they expect to obtain in addition to the possibility it presents to diversify the portfolios. T he taxation is another important aspect also when leasing. The reform has brought some news that must be taken into account before making any decision.

The deductions for rental of housing have been eliminated for contracts signed since January 1, 2015 and those corresponding to the owner have been reduced .

However, there are differences between Autonomous Communities. If you are not clear how to enter this investment option know that there are specialized agencies for this and that some cities like Madrid have a free service to intermediate between the owner and future tenants through the city.

Some of the services consist of advice and establishing guarantees for both parties .

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